About TwoHub

TwoHub is an online service allowing you to synchronize all your Bookmarks in one place therefore never having to be troubled by not having your favorites immediately at disposal. It happens quite often that you Bookmark a website then you need it on a different computer or in the better case in a different browser which still means switching between browsers.

TwoHub is especially designed for people who work on several computers or developers who use more than just one browser. What is quite annoying about using several browsers is that every browser has its own very particular user interface and it is very hard and time consuming to synchronize all browsers together over and over. TwoHub will offer you one universal space where to save all your Bookmarks and never have to worry about not having immediate access to them ever again.

To achieve the best experience with TwoHub it is meant to be set as your homepage therefore you can access your favorites within one click after opening any browser you have on your computer. Even though you are required to sign into your TwoHub it remembers you so especially at your home PC you will be required to login again very rarely.

How does TwoHub work

After you register your Hub, at the top you will be able to set 6 most important bookmarks with instant preview.

Below, there are placed custom sets of Bookmarks which contain nicely organized Bookmarks that you include in each set. A set is always defined by a title therefore rolex replica even better orientation is ensured within the system of TwoHub.

To edit your bookmarks click the tool icon in the top right corner. Adding, removing and managing bookmarks, has never been easier.

In case you would like to export bookmarks from TwoHub go into your Hub settings. Exporting bookmarks means unifying all saved bookmarks into one HTML file and letting the user to download it to his computer (then import it into browser).

In your Hub settings you can also change your custom background or change your password.

TwoHub Showcase

TwoHub - showcase of bookmark synchronization sergvice TwoHub - showcase of bookmark synchronization sergvice

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